Sleepnotes is a type of sound healing combining ambient soundscapes with soothing frequencies called binaural beats. Binaural beats are calming notes that oscillate back and forth creating a theta waveform. These gentle tones along with calming atmospheric music create an enhanced state of deep relaxation.
Cosmic ambiences will guide you to a restful sleep using soothing guitars, crystal singing bowls, flute, vocals, strings and harp.




Sound Therapy is the use of sound to promote wellness through specific vibrations or frequencies. Quantum physics has proven that everything is in a constant state of vibration. Sound flows into our bodies on a molecular level and can change our physical bodies as well as our emotions. Sound can affect our physiological features including our heart, muscles, breathing, digestion, blood flow and brain activity. Thus, we can change our physical body with a combination of certain frequencies and vibrations. Sleepnotes combines soothing frequencies called binaural beats along with ambient soundscapes that help the brain relax. This type of brain entrainment helps the brain to relax into a theta waveform and is the natural tranquil state before sleep. In addition to binaural beats, Sleepnotes has specific vibrations and instruments that help provide an ethereal listening experience.


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