Birthnotes is a collection of original compositions designed to provide relaxation and distraction for women in labor. The music is compatible with the natural breathing techniques taught in childbirth classes, so the mother can breathe along with the rhythms of the music. Birthnotes can be used before labor to practice breathing exercises, during labor for relaxation and after labor to calm the newborn baby!


The use of music to alleviate pain has been well documented in music therapy studies to show that music can decrease heart rate, muscle tension as well as emotional anxiety. In addition, music can be a form of distraction by diverting attention away from an unpleasant experience. The music of Birthnotes was specifically formulated using the latest sound healing techniques to provide a calming atmosphere during labor. Peaceful crystal singing bowls, string ensembles, harps, guitars and chimes are just a few of the instruments that help create the sound healing effects. The gentle rhythms in the music provide a steady pulse to follow for relaxed breathing.



1. Beginnings 4:43

2. Let Go 4:32

3. Breathe 4:20

4. Inner Peace 3:25

5. Maternal Love 3:02

6. First Steps 2:33

7. Dreaming 3:37

8. A New Life 4:19

9. Transition 3:21

10. Oneness 2:45

11. Waiting 3:41

12. Baby's Lullaby 2:44


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